Hello, internet!

So it begins. With the cold creeping in and other work taking a momentary break, we're finally getting our online ducks in a row, settling in to the habit of writing again, and introducing ourselves to the world outside of our homestead here in Detroit.

I'll leave the back story to the About page (I swear I'll get around to writing that soon, too!) and jump into the present, though. If you haven't read the first year of the story, go check it out for a little bit of context on our move to and establishment here in the Motor City.

But here's where we'll be updating the world on our current projects, posting photos of works in progress, ideas for upcoming designs, and general ramblings about life, Detroit, inspiration...you get the picture.

So what are we up to right now? It's been a hectic and interesting first year here at The Detroit Homestead/the Frontier Industry LLC HQ. Since getting settled, renovating the two main floors of the building for Airbnb, living, and workshop space, the basement for our bicycle shop, and establishing the beginnings of a garden that we hope will continue to expand and supply The Homestead and our neighbors with local, organic produce for a long, long time, we've finally gotten to a point where we have a little extra time to focus on additional creative projects.

For my part, this extra time and flexibility has allowed me to focus on clothing design and production, for Matt's part, woodworking, small electronics, and continued design on several long-term bicycle-building projects that he's been talking about for a year or two. Both of us are super excited to finally be able to stretch our creative wings a little and see what happens and we're excited that you're here to see and support our work!

So, a deep and sincere thank you...we look forward to this new chapter in our journey into self sufficiency, craftsmanship, and homesteading!




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