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In addition to creating and maintaining 1City's web and written presence, Alyssa works as a glassblower, visual artist, photographer, designer, seamstress, farm manager, chef, and sometimes event organizer/designer.

Drawing inspiration from glam, punk, rock, psychedelia, surrealism, glitch, abstract expressionism, and the natural world both in macro and microscopic focus, Alyssa's current experiments center on creating both functional and non-functional work with borosilicate glass with an emphasis on color exploration and and creating evocative and vivid abstract and illustrative paintings in a variety of media. 

Want to commission or collaborate on some art? Contact us with your ideas/requests! 

Follow Alyssa's work on Instagram @akillart


Matt is an artist, craftsman, and occasional photographer hailing from southwestern Pennsylvania. He works largely with wood, metal, and electronics and is chief inventor and engineer at 1City Studios.

Follow Matt's work on Instagram @frontierindustry